Flight Crew

Flight Director

The flight director had overall operational responsibility for missions, leading their flight control team. They rarely talked directly to the capsule pilot, usually communicating through CAPCOM.

Malcolm Scott Carpenter

A former Navy aviator in Korea, Scott Carpenter became the second American in orbit before taking a leave of absence frm NASA to train for the Navy's SEALAB project, remaining underwater for a record 30 days on SEALAB II and continuing ocean-focused work with his company Sea Sciences after leaving the Navy following the end of SEALAB.

Scott Carpenter in words

Photo lights are off. Cabin lights are going to red at this time. Oh, man, a wide, a beautiful, beautiful red like in John's pictures. Going to fly-by-wire.

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Capsule Communicator

In the Mercury missions, CAPCOM was the main person to communicate with the pilot. On Mercury-Atlas 7, there were CAPCOMs operating from different stations around the world, enabling Scott to remain in contact with the Earth through his orbits.

Mission Control